Better know as computercare and previously pc support and networking we closed our repair shops in 2010 so as to go mobile. Over the past 10 years we have been serving our customers either onsite or through collection and return methods. Remote PC Support has also been a very succesful method for solving our clients computer problems without anyone having to leave their chair. Due to savings in overheads we are able to pass much of this back onto you. Clearly not all jobs are equal so there may be times when you need onsite support. We always condsider the best option for you, your budget and the need to be up and running ASAP.

We offer computer solutions including free data transfer on any machine sales. We will never advise on buying a system on price alone. If we feel an upgrade or new equipment may not be cost productive then we will advise accordingly. Far too many PC’s offered by some companies will simply cost you money without the return in productivity. What’s often confusing for people are the name of products. As an example you buy a Hewlett Packard – HP Pavilion. The problem here is that the cheapest ones under the name of Pavilion are very poor whereas they also have some far superior alternatives under the Pavilion name. You could compare this to a basic Golf versus a GTi equivelent.