Don’t be fooled by some #BlackFridayDeals

A customer has brought to our attention what seemed like a great deal from a major #ComputerSupplier

On the face of it the Laptop looked very good for a home user HP Laptop. It had one of the latest Processors and an SSD drive and looked very smart on the surface. However he spotted something on the reviews which needs to known. The computer is being sold with a soldered 4GB memory stick with no option to upgrade this. In addition the advert portrays the system alongside 16GB Optane Memory. This is NOT memory as one would assume. Even we had overlooked this at first glance. We have since found the true specification of the said machine on the Hewlett Packard website. We find this an unacceptable ploy by a major reseller to sell something on the assumption that the machine has memory upgradeability.

Our advice is to stay vigillent. Prices for decent Laptops have gone through the roof in the last year.