Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Linux

In a nutshell Apple Mac’s can be prohivitably expensive, Windows PC’s less reliable, Linux in part for free.

We are often asked if Apple is more stable than a PC with Microsoft Windows. Well, there is a little truth in this, however, there are a few factors to bear in mind. Windows systems allow more software applications to run on their computers. While this is an advantage it also makes the system more prone to a crash due to some 3rd party software. Furthermore are your workforce trained or able to use Apple? Will you need to purchase additional equipment and software due to compatibility issues? So our view is simply whatever best fits the customer needs will be the best choice. Occasionally you may hear about Linux based computer systems. Linux can certainly be a cheaper option as most software is “open source” therefore free to use. On the downside, you may be hit with inter-compatability issues. For hobbyists Linux can be fun and contributing to software development can be rewarding. Our opinion? If run as a server it can be much cheaper to install and maintain versus Microsoft Windows Server. Linux workstations can be used in a commercial enviroment but the downside may be training your staff at an added cost.

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