Firstly we do not take commision for any of these apps. This post is soley for the purpose of showing some useful programs available to you.

Click here for the Free Open Office software. Alternatively if you prefer to use the paid version of Microsoft Office then click here

POP and IMAP email Thunderbird – our analysis is very good especially for those who like to keep local copies of their email

If you haven’t already downloaded Gmail then this may be the one for you. Gmail is one of the most widley used interactive apps for free download

Secure Encryped WhatsApp messaging and video software

Text on your mobile from your computer.. MightyText

Please note that we do not reccomend Free antivirus products for windows as they do not cover your system against other vigourous attack methods.

Please be advised that computer care uk does not accept any responsibility for the use of any of these programs as they are only for informational purposes.