This is just another awareness post as scammers are hitting every corner of our society. They use methods to make us feel insecure or offer us something which is too good to be true.

Be vigilent if you recieve unexpected messages appearing on your pc, laptop, mac, tablet or even phone. These scammers also thrive on many local social groups. The messages may suggest you have a virus or that your security is not up to date. They may offer you incentives such as unclaimed lottery wins, big pay rates, ways to make easy money, tell you that you are due a tax refund or that you must urgently contact HMRC regarding a due payment. Many scams even suggest you have pornography on your system and that you must pay a ransome.

What to do? –

  • Beware of Apps suggesting you should install Security software unless you are sure of their source. Many of these Apps are Scams themselves!
  • If unsure DON’T RESPOND
  • If concerned DON’T RESPOND
  • If it sounds too good DON’T respond
  • Inform your ageing relatives

If you have older relatives try keep them up to date about the risks around us

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This is not an attempt to sell you anything but rather to make awareness. We deal with customers on a daily basis who have been hit by low-lifes who feed of our vulnerabilities

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