In recent times, software security providers have been advocating for the automatic renewal of computer security subscriptions. However, this seemingly convenient practice comes with a caveat: unsuspecting users may find themselves locked into exorbitant renewal terms without their knowledge. For instance, McAfee entices users with a three-month extension on their first year of Internet Security products. While this offer appears straightforward, many users overlook the hidden “opt-out” option, leading to hefty charges debited directly from their accounts upon renewal.

The latest trick

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The Tragic Consequences

Imagine the distress of attempting to cancel the auto-renewal contract of a deceased loved one, only to be met with refusal from companies citing lack of password or email address knowledge. This heartbreaking scenario is all too common. Just last week, a client faced insurmountable hurdles trying to terminate her husband’s indefinite annual Norton LifeLock renewal, as he suffers from advanced dementia. The requirement to communicate with him and obtain answers was not just difficult, but impossible.

This prevalent issue has left numerous individuals in despair, necessitating intervention to resolve matters they could well do without. In my view, the conduct of these companies borders on discrimination.

Next Steps

While navigating this predicament can be daunting, reaching out to the support number provided by the companies deducting funds is often necessary. It’s imperative to gather names, call details, and most importantly, a reference number. Subsequently, contact your bank or credit card provider to explain the situation. Maintain meticulous records throughout. However, be prepared for potential challenges, as financial institutions have their own stringent security protocols to adhere to. Persistence is key; do not relent until a resolution is achieved.

A Preventive Measure

For those yet to be affected, the simplest solution is to ensure that no one in your household is enrolled in any form of auto-renewal service. Take proactive steps to safeguard against potential future complications.


Never give these platforms your credit card or bank details but if you must then make sure that auto renewal is not activated. Contact for low prices on security software whenever your renewal is due. We can offer you a substantial price reduction on any autorenewal.