Did you know the average cost of a computer repair can be substantially less than having your washing machine mended!

On the face of it one may assume computer technicians have few overheads as most of our calls are made remotley or without the need to add parts. Let’s have a look at this is more detail. Our software and subscription costs are very high. Hardware and testing equipment is frequently replaced. We work at all hours. There is no honest or easy way to cut corners.

We support you efficiently without you having to worry about fake software infecting your computer system.

Many people happen to have unregistered or illegitimate software on their machines. Whether this is intentional or unintentional it is not our duty to police or judge you. We will not work on software that is not licenced to you. We do advise on the solution or remove the said software on request.

Please be aware when buying software online that you don’t simply follow a link unless you are absolutley sure it is not scam link. Over the years we have seen many people scammed by unscrupulous individuals who’s intention is to take your money leaving you with bigger problems than you started with.

The following links are just a few legitimate sites that offer Security software. We do not take commision from these sites. However we can normally beat their prices substantially especially upon renewals.






One more important note. Windows 10 does come with a decent inbuilt security package though it may be wise to add something more substantial.

We do not recomend free antivirus software packages other than the above mentioned windows defender as they are very limited and often hit your computer with constant upgrade offerings