upgrade or buy a new computer

In the past 12 months or so we have witnessed an approximate 20% hike in computer prices. With the world climate as it is there are few surprizes.

It’s not all bad if you choose the correct machine

There is no such thing as a one machine fits all and it really depends on what is it’s purpose?

How much does a decent computer cost ?

this will depend on your needs, your patience and how often you intend to replace it. If you seriously only need a machine for internet and email then you could consider a low end machine. The question is would we reccomend a new Laptop below £450.00? Seriously? Honest answer? You may wish to call a friend first? We would not ! why???

Have you considered upgrading your existing computer? It may be a good time to do so!

while any decent new machines have faster processors they also have Super Fast SSD Hard Disks! but hold on! the prices for these previously expensive Hard Disks have dropped to an affordable level! what this means is that your old Laptop or PC can be given a new lease of life for the fraction of the cost! Okay it’s not going to be comparable to the latest Intel or AMD Processors but you are likely to be amazed what changes an upgrade can bring to you.