This is a question we are asked almost every day. What’s better a Windows computer or an Apple Mac? Well, this is all about personal preference as both systems have advantages and disadvantages however if it comes down to price then it’s likely you’ll be spending a lot more of your hard-earned money on a Mac for a machine that doesn’t necessarily provide more output than an equivalent Windows PC.

The following table covers some of the advantages and disadvantages taking into account that Windows PC’s come in many different specifications, therefore, we base this list on similar hardware specifications.

Pointers Windows PC i5 CPU Apple Mac i5 CPU
Appearancemore cablespleasing, compact
Pricecheaperup to twice the price
Reliabilityvariable pending usagegenerally stable
Used valuepoorgood
Home usegood, multifunctionallimited software
Business usemore compatibilityless compatible software
Repair costslowerhigher
Troubleshootingpotentially more difficultmainly in house
Gamingmore offeringslimited
Virus / Malwarehigher risklesser risk, not immune