The short answer for any PC running Windows 7 or earlier is yes for sure. Why because older inbuilt security software is simply inadequate in today’s environment.

Windows 10 includes a much better-inbuilt security system. Windows Defender has been greatly improved by Microsoft which not only protects against viruses but also against malware. But this is where we need to be careful. Microsoft Windows software has always been a target for malicious attacks and there’s a good chance their own security will be the target. It is true that using Defender alongside Malwarebytes is a decent and potentially free alternative but they don’t always work as well together as would some others.

Our advice for anyone who uses internet banking, torrent downloading, gaming, online dating etc would be to use a standalone security package.

Warning! – Free Anti Virus software is almost totally inadequate with today’s risk factors. It is also likely to bombard you with popups suggesting an upgrade to an all-in package. “Now why would they do that?”

What is the best package for security?

The answer to this is the same as how long is a piece of string. But at the time of this writing, we have switched our personal desktop security to Bitdefender. This is not a recommendation for everyone but if you are still using “pop3” mail we find the antispam feature excellent versus some of the competition.

Identity protection will also be included in a decent package which is paramount in this day and age.

There are a few security packages which we find excessive in that they offer components which “Windows” is fully capable of dealing with itself. Some of these components can drastically slow down your computer.

The following “Internet Security” packages are also well worth looking at. Some others we have not included for various reasons or because we have not tested them.

Kaspersky Bullguard AVG ESET F-Secure

Note! prices may be higher when buying direct and renewal prices can be high! Shop around!

We always advise against sharing a business machine with the children because it doesn’t take much for things to go wrong. Yet again a decent fully-fledged security package is likely to include parental control which can be a lifesaver.