Almost daily a lot of our work is taken up by fixing computer systems which have inadequate security software. Then again much of our work is taken up by fixing computers where customers have been scare mongered into downloading so called security software which turns out only to be malware or ransomware.

So we are often asked what is the best security software for your system?

Is Free Antivirus software adequate?

Our advice is to install a full Internet Security package from a reputable brand as Antivirus software alone simply does not cut it!

It’s also important to consider factors such as compatibility and computer performance once new software has been installed. Some software (not naming them here can really make your machine sluggish)

We do not necessarily recommend any particular security software as this all changes frequently. However! we are here to help with free advice and even the sale and installation which will benefit your computer.

Finally, those who have had paid for packages in the past will probably know that many of these packages are flagged for auto-renewal, so our advice is to be very aware! Especially as renewals are often overpriced!

Talk to us first. We can install appropriate software for all your computers at very competitive prices whether for personal or business systems.