Having multiple mailboxes it’s impossible to filter out all the Spam without losing legitimate messages. Scammers are a scurge on our society and having once nealy lost my Mother to a Romance Swindler I take this as all very personal.

A few times a month we have clients calling us for support after being hit by fraudulent transactions to their Bank accounts and others who receive threats to disclose their personal lifes. These low life scamming scoundrels don’t belong in our society and with the world balancing from one disaster to the next the scammers should be thrown into the furnace without mercy.

Ironically my mailbox just received a Scam attempt traced to an individual sat in the Nevada Bankrupcy Court while at the same time using a link to a foreign phone number. It simply beggers belief that even during a trial these oxygen wasters just never give up.

If you ever feel unsure about any messages or phone calls you receive then the chances are it is a Scam! Don’t fall for it! Give us a call or send us an email and we will give you the best advice we can.

If you have already found yourself affected by a financial scam then inform your banks immeadiatley.