Are cheap computers worth it? Well, there is no short answer to this but the first thing you need to consider is what is the purpose of the computer? also when we say cheap computers we are talking about machines below £250.00 for a Laptop or £300.00 for a Desktop.

In a nutshell

In business it must be understood that production time can be lost if the IT equipment is not up to task

In the home, the answer to the question could be “you get what you pay for”


Most essentially decide what you plan to do with the computer. If you intend to use it for many hours a day then prepare to spend higher but you will still need to take into account the specification of the machine.

Many machines are sold with extra memory or high CPU numbers but you really need to research the detail. Imagine buying a brand new Golf GTi only to find it’s been standing in the showroom while a newer much improved GTi has just been released.