Purchase Orders

By making a purchase order you are agreeing to the following conditions.

Customer obligations

a: orders should be clearly stated including any agreed price and individual terms.

b: acknowledged orders shall be payable on delivery unless otherwise agreed

c: cancelled orders may incur fees for costs example:  we may need to ship back to supplier incurring our own fees

Our obligations

a: to provide the services within an acceptable time frame (normally within 7 days or the term stated)

b: to provide goods as stated. in the event items are not available then equivalent  items will be supplied

Remote Support Service

Our remote support service is charged at £18.00 up to and including 15 minutes of remote support. Any overlapping time will be charged to the next 15 minutes so a 20 or 30 minute remote support call would be charged at £36.00. 

In practice remote calls are normally cleared within a few minutes but this is not guaranteed! Prior to engaging in a call we will consider the potential effectiveness versus coming out on site. It is the decision of you our customer as to whether you wish to engage in a remote support call or whether you would prefer we come out to you.

Important! Remote Support is charged for our time and we don’t guarantee a fix for any problem during the connection. 


Local callout charges may differ depending on location and systems however the basic charge is £66.00 for a callout.

All charges are made for time spent on any one job unless we have agreed to a fixed price solution. It is not always possible to guarantee an absolute timescale but we update our customers every step of the way. 

It is important to note that a fresh computer installation may be required if existing software conflicts are preventing an adequate repair or if we feel the costs may mount beyond expectation. 

Please be advised our standard charges are £66.00 per hour or part thereof. Our charges are for our time unless we agree a final cost. Repair timescales can otherwise not be guaranteed.