a short review based on my opinion of the main browsers today, not yesterday, not tomorrow and not influenced by paid advertisers… opinion by Richard Lobsiger

is it wise to have multiple browsers?

The answer to this is yes because there will be times when a certain browser may not respond in an expected manner when running a certain application. Normally these issues are fixed with updates. Other reasons are that browsers offer different features which can be very useful.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge may be one of the fastest browsers on the Internet but I have personally avoided it in the main due to what I see as a commercial-based product rather than an informative one. Time and time again the site is ridden with 3rd party advertising which if followed can potentially and indirectly link you to data collecting and even scam sites. So let’s make just one example.

This morning 21 December 2022. A headline story “Man slapped with £100 fine after cat-calling woman on London street”. So what’s the problem you would wonder? Well, how about within the script is an advert from one of Microsoft’s promoters with pictures of the TV presenter Penny Smith. The heading “She was beautiful in the 90’s but now it’s hard to look at her”. Clicking on these links then takes you to unknown places which very easily attach themselves to undesirable sites and sometimes even scam sites.

This kind of behaviour is not acceptable in our society yet I see more and more of it within advertising spots aimed at gaining our attention.

My Conclusion – I will continue to have Microsoft Edge on our workstations but only for certain conveniences such as Microsoft accounts and licencing. I do question whether Microsoft browsers are as fast as they claim with the immense amount of 3rd party advertising. Thumbs Up? No

Google Chrome

I tend to prefer Android phones which integrate almost flawlessly with Google across various devices. I also like the fact that the main browser window is not full of advertisements so not hindering our search intentions. Having Gmail, Photo’s, Calendar and other features at hand are also invaluable at times.

Be very aware that Google collects tons of data when you browse so if you want to remain private then you could add the DuckDuckGo (see below) extension.

The speed of Google can occasionally be a little slower but it’s not something which put’s us off using this incredibly powerful browser.

Our Conclusion – Thumbs Up? Yes

Mozilla Firefox

another browser I use is the Open Source Firefox Browser. It is a favourite amongst many users who prefer to keep their lives a little more private. Data collection is kept to a minimum and it has the ability to check that your email address has not been compromised. You’ll also be pleased to know that Firefox prevents those annoying auto-plays.

Our Conclusion – Thumbs Up? Yes


Safari is an Apple based browser, relatively lightweight but not my personal choice. The way I see it is that if you like Apple then Safari is probably the must be the best. I have read that Chrome runs faster on a Mac. I’ve not compared but on the odd occasion I use my Mac then I will use the Chrome browser.

Our Conclusion – Personal Preference


DuckDuckGo is not a browser in itself, at least not on a computer. DuckDuckGo can be added to Browsers such as Chrome etc. DuckDuckGo never stores your data and is far more efficient than simply using incognito mode within a browser. Incognito mode in Chrome only deletes the information in your browser but not what Google collects. I have read that some DuckDuckGo searching is stored by Microsoft Edge as it is a contractual agreement if DuckDuckGo wishes to use Bing searches. DuckDuckGo continues to block Microsoft trackers by all accounts

Our Conclusion – Thumbs Up? Yes


Finally there are dozens of browsers out there so you as the end user will know what works best for you. My opinions are only my opinions and not advice.