email not working is one of the most common problems a PC user will encounter. Many of us have been confronted with coded error messages after failing to collect or send email.

authentification errors

It can be a simple as an incorrect username or password which fails to send or receive email. Authentification errors may occur at any time but it’s not always what you think.

corrupted accounts

email accounts can easily become corrupted at either your side or server side. Removing the account in your client software and re-instating the account may fix the problem. Even asking the ISP (internet provider) to delete the account and re-instate at their end has solved many of these problems for us.

database fault

it’s relatively common for an email database to become damaged. In these instances a database repair may be necessary.

windows updates

windows updates can both fix problems and security on your computer but it’s quite common something may stop working after an update. These errors are not an issue with email alone but rather with any part of your software or hardware. A windows system restore may or may not rectify these problems.

email servers – changed

ISP’s – Internet Service Providers occasionally change their mail servers and they will often shut down old servers. This can prevent you from collecting email until you update the servers on your computer. It seems certain ISP’s do not warn us before changing servers.

user errors!

Yes we all hate to admit it but we sometimes forget our passwords and therefore the problem may be our own doing. As security becomes more and more necessary we are having to hold a lot of data in our own heads. Through time and with different security requirements for different Apps we can soon lose track. As technicians we are often told that this or that is the password only to find that we hit a brick wall. Thereafter we attempt to recover the password yet we are not sure which one of the family setup the account in the first place. If we don’t get it right after a few attempts then we may have to wait hours before we can try again. Worst thing is when companies like Microsoft or Apple lock you out for days with no set time for the recovery. Having a secondary email account such as with GMAIL will at least tide you over.

password managers

many of us are now using password manager software to help us keep on top of all our security. These apps can work well so long as they are from a trusted source.