Don’t you get fed up trying to comminicate with companies hiding behind their telephoneless desks? No number to call, no one to hold responsible when things go wrong.

Well having first hand negative experiences from 3 well know companies during this past week alone, we would just like to assure our customers that “you won’t find no denial or lack of responsibility here at computer care”

The bad guys

Parcel delivery companies who try to avoid their obligations by means of getting “you, the customer” to prove the parcel you sent was never collected by the recipient.

Mobile phone sellers on Ebay who offer 12 months warranty only to smash your screen or potentially fit it on a chargeable job, later to accuse you of sending a smashed phone and therefore not cover a logic fault. Ebay themselves do nothing as their profits have been made and 30 days surpassed.

Airport parking including a paid cancellation cover only to be told you are 4 hours into the last 48 hours and therefore not covered

The good guys

computercare – will never hide behind a wall so as to get out of any obligations. The short-sightedness of some others are unbeliveable. Using tricks of a trade to cover thier own tracks and in turn losing future business with those customers. Very dumb indeed!

We care so if you our customer has an issue we will be right on the end of the phone with you. Most of our customers have access to free remote support following the first 7 days of a job carried out by us. It’s occasionally difficult to explain why a PC does this or does that but then the quickest solutions are often by means of cure rather than diagnosis. Not something you’d necessarily expect from your GP but then computers are not breathing as we speak. So in a nutshell we have clear solutions for some machines wheras others require a different approach. Let’s face it a diagnosis alone may potentialy take days or the solution and cure may only take an hour or so.